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We've finally released the new book "Camilla", which tells the story of the first 150 years, in historical images. And the timing is perfect, since 2008 is the sesquicentinneal year for the founding of the city.

It is available in the following local stores:

  • The Bookstore, 229-336-3852
  • Simply the Best 229-336-1565
  • Bullard Johnson Variety Store, 229-336-7331
  • 85 Broad Gifts 229-336-0805

Welcome to the unofficial Camilla, Georgia historical website. Our primary focus is on historical photos of early Camilla - from the late 1800s to current day. We hope to continually add lots of new and exciting information about Camilla - particularly with regard to its rich historical heritage. Please make sure to view the historical photo archive shown in the "Historical Photos" link.

Broad Street 1940's looking East
Broad Street 1947 - Looking west
Caution - large pictures
Just a word of warning - some pages here have VERY large photos. The site works best if you have a good high-speed Internet connection - some pages can be painfully slow if you use a standard dial-up account.
Historical info and photos needed
As you will notice, we have created an extensive online archive of historical photos from the early days. Of course, we're always on the lookout for more! Plese let us know if you have any old photographs for the archive.
Most of the historical stuff is along the top menu, and most of the current-day information is in the menu along the left side of the page. If you are looking for the official Camilla, Georgia website, try www.CamillaGeorgia.com.

P.O. Box 1679
Cumming GA, 30028
(TEL) 678-513-7305

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